Diane Karlsson

Business Owner

InHouse team member since: The very beginning
Likes: Fresh air, travelling, reading educational books
Dislikes: Arrogance, selfies, lockdowns

About Me:

I was born in England, had my 3 girls in New Zealand, and I have been living in Australia for over 40 years, and now have 15 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter.

I was a hairdresser by trade for 20 years and held various cooking positions for catteries. I worked for a couple of printing companies before Bob started our business, so I wasn’t a complete novice. I love to read books and garden, but the garden takes up most of my hobby time. We have 33 fruit trees on our 600m square block, and they take a bit of looking after.

About Work:

I retired to look after my granddaughter who belongs to Chrisstie, one of our designers, so when she had her baby the powers that be decided Chris was more important than me, so I took care of her baby and have a great bond with this child.

I have come back now and help a little feeding machines or cutting books, whatever is needed. I still loved to be involved and keep in touch. We have great staff and were hoping to step back a little in the future, but don’t think we will ever retire.