Guy Kirk

General Manager

InHouse team member since: 2012
Likes: Good coffee, good food, good company
Dislikes: Instant coffee, credit cards, 15fps and 500ping

About Me:

Most of my time outside of work is spent with my partner, Amanda, and our two boys, Phoenix and the little superman Calel.

I previously worked in many different roles, from automotive logistics to commercial air-conditioning installation, before landing a role in IT support for a large engineering firm. That led to my final position as Senior Software Developer at the Queensland PA Hospital before working for InHouse.

About Work:

Before starting at InHouse Print & Design with Bob and Di, blue was blue, and orange was orange. Oh, how wrong was I! Jumping right in the deep end and knowing nothing about the print industry, the learning curve was huge.

Now I know how to operate every machine when required, and the ability to mentor and pass that knowledge on to others not only speaks for InHouse Print & Design’s internal skill-set, but its investment in staff training. InHouse goes above and beyond to ensure we are all successful within our own roles.

My day-to-day role is to ensure print production is completed in a timely manner at the quality level expected by our clients. At the same time, I am always responding to calls of, ‘Guy! My computer’s not working!’