Melinda Park

Lead Designer

InHouse team member since: March 2021
Likes: Coffee, Hiking, Macro and Landscape Photography and Music
Dislikes: Brussels Sprouts, grocery shopping, putting my clothes away and negativity

About Me:

According to my mum, since the age of two, I was never home. I jumped the fence and sought the outdoors with others, which is no doubt why I’m addicted to hiking now. I’ve always had a cat to cuddle in my life, and my current Burmese is called Maybelle, named after a character from my favourite musical. I like to be creative, efficient and challenge myself in everything I do. And lastly, mum can vouch I dislike putting my clothes away and rarely do… now you know!!

About Work:

Age 16 saw me introduced to the world of Advertising with work experience at a Paddington Ad Agency. I was hooked! After school visits creating illustrations in the darkroom sparked a 30 Year Graphic Design career and a passion for Print and Advertising. I live for the buzz of working with the very best people in the industry who are passionate about what they do. There’s nothing like a tight deadline, collaborating with clients and colleagues, and seeing your work up in lights or at least out in the world.