Scott Griffiths

Group Business Development Manager

InHouse team member since: May 2021
Likes: History, Space and Pickled Onion Monster Munch
Dislikes: Viruses, Arsenal and Coffee

About Me

A father to 3 beautiful children, originally from Kent the garden of England, I made my way to Australia 15 years ago, after spending 6 years in the Spanish sunshine eating fresh sardines daily.

I have a passion for all things ancient and all things future, also a huge sports enthusiast having coached junior football(never call it soccer) and Athletics for over 10 years, I live my life by one simple phrase… Smile and the world smiles with you.

About Work

Over 30 years of working in the print, publishing, and advertising industries. Wow Is it that long…

I started as a 16 year old in magazine publishing working on some of the world’s most popular magazines with the Conde Nast Publishing groups London office, including working on the set-up of the Brilliant Books publishing arm.

I worked my way through many of the publishing giants in London throughout the 90’s until making the move to Spain at the start of the millennium to establish a marketing agency in Alicante.

Once I arrived on the shores of Australia, Perth to be exact in 2006. I worked in the advertising agency side for many years creating marketing campaigns and strategies for many of the retail giants, before eventually establishing my own Creative Marketing Agency.

After 14 years in Perth and the arrival of the covid cloud, I made the move to the east coast last year and am excited to now be a part of the Inhouse team, where I can share my knowledge and experience, without forgetting that I will never stop learning every day.